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LuxoAir is a leading international private jet charter company headquartered in London, serving VVIP's and Businesses globally. Unprecedented access to over 40,000 aircrafts worldwide, which gives us the unparalleled ability to arrange a charter within just a 24 hours notice, anywhere in the world! We have a passionate staff dedicated towards meeting all our clients expectations. 24 hour LuxoAir Premium Concierge provides personalized and customized arrangements pre-flight, onboard and upon arrival, all to satisfy our clients needs. From your doorstep to the arrival ramp, attention to every single detail is what we're known for.

The company is part of the Luxo Group International chain, home to the likes of world renowned record label Bentley Records, luxury travel company LuxoTravels and XKON designer fashions. Part of the Luxo Group profits go towards the Luxo Group HOPE Foundation. We are proud to be an ECO friendly and socially responsible organization.

  • Mission - Making our clients experience unforgettable, each and every time.
  • Strengths - 24 hour LuxoAir Premium Concierge and attention to detail.
  • Clients - Our Clients are diverse from VIP's, royalty, celebrities, corporations to governments.

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Our Guarantee

We can arrange you a flight anywhere in the world within 24hrs! All our partners are Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 regulated.

Our safety record is impeccable. All aircrafts are checked on a regular basis.

  • Reliability
  • Top Quality Aircrafts
  • Worldwide Availability
  • 24 Hours Premium Concierge
  • Experienced Pilots With Plenty Flying Hours
  • Superior Safety Standards
  • Friendly Cabin Crew
  • In-flight Gourmet Catering
  • Airport & Airspace Clearances
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Aircraft Customization
  • Customized Packaging
  • Price Advantage
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Meet & Greet At The Ramp
  • Unforgettable Experience

    LuxoAir Private Jet Charter Commercial

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    We have aircrafts ranging from mid-size jets to heavy jets. Over 40,000 aircrafts worldwide to choose from.

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    LuxoAir Limited
    71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
    London. WC2H 9JQ.
    United Kingdom
    INTL HOTLINE: +44 2032 87 5757
    US: +1 (347) 349-5253
    Premium Concierge: premiumconcierge@luxoair.com
    Web: www.LuxoAir.com
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